Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Ninjas

This fall Don was in charge of picking out a class for the boys to take. Having Don choose served a few purposes. First, he needed more time with the boys. With him working overtime this summer, the boys have really become Momma's boys. When they get hurt, it is straight to Momma. If they wanted anything, it was all about "Momma do!". It was bordering on ridiculous and for a Dad who had always been very involved with his children, I knew it had to hurt a bit for the boys to pass him over like that. They needed to be alone with Don and let him handle their needs.

Second, I didn't want to sign the boys up for totnastics again. With Preschool on Mon & Wed, and cooking on Thurs, I wasn't looking forward to a fourth day of driving out to the center. Which leads me to my third reason -I just flat out need some down time in my own house. Some quiet time to relax and take a bath or clean up around the house without the boys underfoot.

So today, the boys had their first Little Ninja class.

They learned how to punch out their arms and bow, as well as punch out one arm at a time and kick out their legs. Don said the instructor would have the kids punch at her open hands in front of them, and then she would squat low for them to hit her lowered hands to practice aiming while kicking. Wyatt had misunderstood and when she squatted, he also squatted and punched instead of kicking. :)

I am impressed with what they learned today, especially with the class only being a half hour. Don said the boys behaved well and he was really proud of them. Afterwards he took them to a nearby park to let them run. Then he took them to get smoothies.

Once they got home, we all laid down and watched Nemo in hopes of a quick nap. After that, Don basically had the boys for the rest of the evening while I was cutting material. Not once did they get hurt and demand to see me. They let Don handle all their spats and boo boos, and would only occasionally feel the need to come check on what I was doing.

So to wrap it up, the boys learned some cool ninja moves, Don is quickly getting his "can do" status back with the kids and I spent about 6 hours today cutting fabric. I do believe we had a very productive day.

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