Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cooking Class

Today was the first day of cooking class. It is six weeks long and each week I will bring a different child, giving each of them two turns. Wyatt's turn was today.

We made stuffed shells, which was a big hit with my little pasta lover! He got to taste the different cheeses and look at the shells before and after it was cooked. When he first saw the uncooked shell, he immediately brought it to his ear and told me he could hear the ocean.

After he got to mix in little parts and the stuffed shells cooked, we were able to eat our creation. It was delicious and also something I wouldn't generally think of cooking with the boys.

It was a great way to get the one on one that is really needed with the boys. Wyatt and I had fun on the way home, chatting about what we did and he kept reenacting how he "ate it all" like a hungry beast. Jaxon was very upset when I got home -he felt very left out and it took him over a half hour to settle down. But he will have his chance next week. Yummy!

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Annie in Texas said...

That's sooo cool! Wyatt looks so adorable. Such a great way to have one on one time with each of your little boys. Awesome!