Saturday, September 06, 2008

Do it by MYself!

The boys dress themselves for the most part. Writing that, I think to myself that is not true at all. They all can (usually) put on their shirts. Their heads may come out of their arm holes, but if I try to help them before they have exhausted all efforts, I get a nasty, "I do it myself!". More and more often though, they hit jackpot and get their shirts on fully by themselves. Usually easier done in tee shirts than their tank tops.

Underwear is another item we sometimes have to work on. Luke has no issues, since he still prefers the bigger blue underwear without the "penis pocket" -as we call it- in the front. Jax usually gets his underwear on without a problem, but the other day he had the waistband between his little cheeks, painfully yelping as he walked up the stairs to show me what was wrong. Wyatt still has trouble making sure his are not backwards. He lays his underwear out in front of him on the floor while talking to himself. "Penis pocket", he says as he makes sure he is laying them out in a way he can just slide them on, penis pocket on top.

So slowly, they are learning and getting into the groove of dressing themselves. They are much better at undressing themselves (Wyatt loves to be naked, ask anyone who has come to visit my mom while we are there and a mostly naked Wyatt has gone running through the room) but we are making progress.

The other day Luke walked up the stairs yelling, "Look, I did it myself". When I asked him what he did, he told me, "my socks. I did it myself".

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a portland granny said...

They are just too cute! Isn't three a cute age? I remember how I loved it with my kids. You are blessed with those sweet boys!