Thursday, September 04, 2008

No, you Rock!

I am not sure how the phrase, "You Rock" has become a daily saying we have at our house, but it is one that has come to mean good things. When the boys use the potty, we tell them they did a great job and the ROCK. When Wyatt goes poop, he will excitedly tell us he ROCKS! (included with his little fist shooting up into the air). When they clean up the living room, or are super helpful, I thank them and tell them that they really rock.

Really. Maybe it started with our Guitar Hero phase. Ahhh, yes I think that must have been it. At the time, we were even trying to get them to do the "rock and roll" hand gesture with the phrase. It is all coming back to me now.

Anyhow, tonight I was gone to my triplet mom dinner and Don stayed home with the boys. While they were eating dinner, Jaxon noticed his chair was rocking a bit.

Jaxon: "Daddy, my chair rocking. Look Daddy, it rocking".
Don: "Let me take a look at it buddy"

Don takes the coloring book out of underneath the chair, evening the seat back out.

Jaxon: "It not rocking anymore.
Daddy fixed my chair!
You rock, Daddy.
Daddy ROCKS!"

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