Thursday, September 18, 2008

But it smells GOOD!

One day last week I noticed Jax's face was dry. It was a passing thought before something else distracted me. The next day my mom noticed it was so dry, it felt scaly. We wondered how this was possible. It has not been windy and they get baths almost every night, complete with a lotion rub down. Thankfully, after a few days of super moisture lotion, his cheeks were back to their normal smoothed state. It was fixed and forgotten. Until today.

When the boys wake up from their naps, they come in our room and veg out a bit. They like the novelty of using our bathroom to do their business followed by watching tv from our bed. Then we all cuddle a bit until they are ready to venture out and get a snack.

Today Don and I were playing with the boys on our bed and as Jax was giggling madly while rolling around, something good smelling waffed past my nose. Not being able to pin point the smell from where it was coming from, I held Jax down while sniffing out his little neck. Then I recognized the scent. It was Don's deodorant!

While trying to figure out the logistics of why Jax's face smelled like Don's deodorant, I came to the conclusion that Jax must have been playing around with it while in our bathroom. When Jax was asked about it, he became a little embarrassed. Quickly wanting to get the talk over with -and not wanting to act like it was a huge deal- I explained why he couldn't put deodorant on his face. Can you imagine how that would dry out his face?


Yes, this wasn't the first time he smelled like this. Dimly a memory of this happening before a week or two ago -a couple days in a row- surfaced. The scent wasn't as strong then, so I guess I didn't think as much about it at the time.

But now Jaxon knows, no more putting on with Daddy's deodorant, no matter how much he wants to be like Daddy.

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