Friday, September 19, 2008

Cooking Class with Jax

Today was Jax's turn to go to cooking class. His new cooking clothes were courtesy of Targets $1 bin and Nana's embroidery machine. Pretty good deal, don't you think?

Today's class had us learning to make crepes. He got to break an egg and add in all the ingredients. His face lit up at the idea of being able to wash his hands as often as he wanted to, and that excitement was only compounded by the fact that Ms LeAnn blows soap bubbles on you as you wash your hands.

It was so neat to focus and Jaxon and see how other people respond to his excitement and big smiles. I know he is pretty special, but it is cool to see other people realize it too.

When class was over, Ms LeAnn mentioned there were extras if anyone wanted more. We grabbed one and brought a crepe home for his brothers and Nana to try. He was so proud of his "special treat" and asked his brothers, "you like it, Wy Wy?" and, "That good special treat, yeah Luke?".

Speaking of Luke, he can't wait for his turn. He has asked about his turn to go three times today and loved wearing Jax's apron while helping me cook dinner tonight. When I made him take the apron off to go play outside, he hesitated for a few seconds before agreeing to take it off.

I love that they are excited about this as I am.

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Irritable Mother said...

Making crepes??? I am impressed!
You are blessing your future daughters-in-law by making good cooks of your sons. *grin*