Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First day of Preschool

Today was the day. All three boys proudly sported their little animal back packs they had received for their first birthday from Gram Robinson, waiting for Nana and I to walk them into the school....

Don and I have been talking up school for the past two weeks. They were going to go back to school and see Mrs Theresa. Wyatt would ask me, "M-Mommy coming, too?" while nodding his little head up and down. I would answer that I had to go to the store while they were in school, but they would be together and Mrs Theresa would be with them. She was their teacher from the Mommy and Me Discovery class we took last spring, so it helped knowing they had a familiar face to look for.

Nana usually makes a visit over here on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but made a special stop over here this morning to see the boys off on their first day of school. While I was driving, the boys sang along to their new favorite car music, The Laurie Berkner Band while making their matchbox cars dance.

Finally, we were at school and the boys were all ready to go inside. Jax ran up the side walk and raced to be the first one to hit the automatic door button. Knowing it could have made or broken the morning for him, I was glad he had reached it before the other two. After filling out a bit of paperwork and getting the general system of signing the kids in and out of class, the teacher invited us all inside.

Nana and I helped the boys find the seats with their names on them and then showed the boys where the bathrooms are. Back at their seats we got them started on a worksheet where they could trace circles with crayons. Thankfully all three were seating by each other, so between Nana and I, we were able to give each child the help they needed without anyone feeling left out. After a minute or two, the boys were seated and tracing, so we gave them a kiss, told them we were going to the store and would be back in a little bit.

And the boys were totally fine with it. I was totally fine with it. Nana, on the other hand, was a bit nostalgic. I think it was eased into for me since the boys were familiar with their school. They have take classes there before, had the same teacher before, and this past spring, taken the gym class that I would sit outside of and wait for them. They had a great transition into this and I am so thankful that they felt comfortable enough to be able to enjoy the experience.

They all have their projects from the day along with some worksheets we can work on with them in their back packs. When the boys saw Don, they rushed to show him their backpacks and the work they did inside of them. They have not talked much about it -which cracks me up since it obviously means more to me then them- but they said they want to go back and that is all that matters.


laraine said...

They look adorable!. I'm so glad they liked their first day of school.

I found that preschool gave me a nice little break from them and vice versa. It also helps fill up the week with something to do.

Anonymous said...

I have tears in my eyes! Grace started Kindergarden yesterday, can you believe it??? Joey starts Pre K 3 on Tuesday, I forget sometimes that he's only a few months older than your boys. I can't believe they're old enough for Pre School, it seems like yesterday we got the news you were going to have babies! I am so excited for all of you, please give them kisses from me and tell them that I'm very proud of them!
Love you!

Brooklyn said...

I love their back packs! Sounds like they had a great first day of school! I think I'll cry on my girls first day. They missed the cut off for kindergarten so we didn't do preschool this year otherwise they would be in preschool for the next 3 years. Instead they are taking a dance class this year at the same place that their preschool will be at next year. So hopefully that will break us in like it did you and your boys. I never thought of that until I read your post. I hope it helps us too! :)

Annie in Texas said...

Wow! What a big and exciting day for everyone! And those backpacks are sooo freakin cute!!! The boys are so darn handsome and are growing up so fast. What an experience!!! Love ya'll!