Friday, September 12, 2008

So Tired

The boys had such a busy day. Wyatt had his cooking class while Jax and Luke went for a walk in the desert with Nana. They didn't have a nap since we needed them to go to bed early tonight, but they were still pooped from a late night at the San Gennaro Fest.

For the first time ever, Wyatt and Jax both fell asleep at the dinner table. We were sitting for less than 5 minutes, and both of their heads went down. At first I though Jax was pretending to fall asleep because it happened that fast. He was leaning his head and he was out. You can tell we just sat down since the majority of our dinner is still on our plates.

We ended up waking them up right after the picture and sending them outside to play in the fresh air. Poor little guys are just pooped from their busy schedule!

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laraine said...

Oh My Gosh. That picture is hysterical. I love it when the boys get pooped like that. They go to bed so nice and easy!.

I bet they had a great time at the feast. We'll probably be going tomorrow night.