Tuesday, September 09, 2008

9 years ago

Today is our ninth anniversary. Don happened to call me this morning at 9:09, the ninth hour and ninth minute of our ninth year being married. Coincidental, but interesting.

Don had surprised me with a beautiful flower arrangement and balloons (that the boys went crazy over!) along with a very perfect card. That was the end of our celebration for the night though, being it was my first night of class. We will continue to celebrate with a night on the strip, and our first night away from our house -boys this weekend. I am very excited and only a bit nervous. We will only be 10 minutes away, but far enough that we get to wake up after 7 am if we want to!

So after 9 short years, I am so thankful that Don is even better than I had thought possible. He has really been supportive lately, helping me to branch out and go to the MOM's dinners and start taking the stained glass class, not to mention starting a business with my mom. He is understanding of the fact that I need to regain a bit of myself and totally encourages me to breathe outside of the house, and even has the house cleaner than I left it when I get back!

He is my better half and I am so blessed to have him.


Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you guys have a wonderful time this weekend!!

laraine said...

Happy Anniversary!.

You look beautiful in your wedding dress. I just love these photos. Have a great time on the strip!.

Anonymous said...

You always know how to bring tears to my eyes, nine years ago, Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you and Don, and love you both. Enjoy your weekend away, relax, sleep and be merry!

Michele S said...

Awwww.... you guys were adorable. I really like Don clean shaven. Have a great weekend! You deserve it!

Annie in Texas said...

Happy Anniversary ya'll! This weekend will be a great time for you to focus on just each other. What a blessed couple. Congrats!!!