Monday, September 15, 2008

No Fear

The past few weeks I have been taking the boys to a nearby park in the early morning to let them run off some energy. We only stay a little while because soon it starts to get too hot, it is still over 100 degrees here.

They have begun to really take to climbing on the rock formations the park has. The rocks are man made, but they are hard and steep all the same. The boys have no fear of them at all. They will climb up, resorting to crawling or scooting on their rear ends when it gets too steep for them, but they still keep going. When they get as high as I will let them, they find a semi smooth area and slide sown. The drop offs for the make shift slide is about three feet up in the air, and they insist the can do it "by myself!". So I will nonchalantly put my arm out and let them know it is there in case they need it. And thankfully, they use it.

When it gets too hot and their cheeks start getting red, we walk over to the water area and cool off. Until recently, they would just wander around the edges and occasionally put their foot over a water spray coming out of the ground. Finally I told them that if they didn't get their bodies wet (and cooled down), we would have to go home. That same day they began putting their heads in the jet of water and eventually they began running though the whole play area with the carefree abandonment kids should have.

Luke doesn't run through the water area yet, but he will put his head directly in the spray of water and drink the water as it drips down his face. Wyatt and Jax love running through the water sprays and then come running to me so they can dry their face on my shirt.

You can see it here

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laraine said...

That's Mountains Edge park isn't it? I love that place. We haven't been there since before the summer because of the heat. Sadly, the boys are in school in the morning now - its still a bit to warm to hit the playgrounds after they get home.

Cute, cute pictures and video. I love the rainbow you captured.