Monday, September 01, 2008

Interview Wyatt

Wyatt is a wild man. I have noticed a wild streak showing more often, but really became apparent while I was taping this. I considered doing it over, but eh, this IS who he is today. Let's celebrate it and pray he "relaxes" a bit more when he has things to fill his days with. :)


laraine said...

Laura - I LOVE the interviews. They are just the cutest little boys. Wyatts interview reminds me of Brian at times.

What a neat idea. And what a sweet thing for them to be able to see when they get older.

I also love your scrapbooking pages. I didn't get a chance to comment on the other you had the other day. I thought it was so sweet. You are so creative. If that is not part of your new business, it should be. I bet you could make a nice business doing digital scrapbooking.

brookharts said...

The interviews are such a great idea!! I'm sure I will be stealing your idea sometime - maybe when we're done with the house :)