Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Ninja's part 2

Today I went with Don and the boys to their third Little Ninja class. The boys all sat/stood on their colored shapes and listened to what Ms. Miller told them. She said today's class was going to be working on coordination. The boys seemed to really love it. They listened pretty well, and the only time they weren't focused on the teacher is when they decided they needed to hug their brother right then. Once the hug fest was over, they are fine again until six minutes pass, and oh- another hug is needed.

The class is only a half hour, and all the parents sit in the same open room as they do (about 14 students), so there is a lot of distractions in one room. Some parents clap for their child after the child raises their arm and hits the target, so then every child expects the applause for the same menial task. Jaxon loves the applause though. He gets a huge smile on his face and he just soaks it up.

Lucas really seems to get into the class, yelling towards the teacher when she asks seemingly rhetorical questions. "I am READY!" when she asks if they are ready to begin. Wyatt has amazing reflexes for someone his age, and great stances. All three definitely seem to be learning in this class and enjoying it all the way.

Here is a video of them in class...

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