Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Things we hear

The boys are talking so much now a days, but there are a few things that are repeated more often than others.

"I rock!"
"I no do it" (denial of any wrong doing)
"I love you!"
"Jack-in did it" (always the response to who did this?)
"I need licorice" (their favorite treat)
"We go to playground?"
"I want a special treat"
"Going to Nana's house?"
"Daddy coming home soon?" (Always asked by Wyatt)
"I do it by myself!"
"Jack-in said that" (If Jax called someone a bad boy.)
"Baby so cute!"


Annie in Texas said...

Adorable picture!!!!

Michele S said...

You know what's really scary? I just caught up on your blog. And I actually KNOW the people in the background of your cooking class picture. Yikes. I've got to stay home more. :)