Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We had big plans for Sunday. Starting out with Einstein Bagels and going to Nana's house. Followed by the pumpkin patch after lunch. Then coming home to a dinner our neighbors prepared and dropped off for us.

Instead plans were changed first thing in the morning. Don brought Einstein bagels home to us and then we hung out here while he worked on the clothing racks for my mom and I. The boys played in our camping trailer and with "found" toys in the garage while I tried to help Don. Eventually things started to get complicated and the project started taking a lot longer than we thought it would.

Once it got to lunch time, we decided to just hang out at our house and have a family day. I set up our bounce house in the living room and the boys went to town on that while I cranked up the movie Cars on the surround sound. A nice way to buy us a half hour of getting things done.

Soon it was time for Don to start staining the racks, but it was the same time the kids wanted to come back out and play. Luckily Don had brought home a skateboard a few days before hand and the boys took turns riding that or the creepy crawler down the driveway like stunt men.

After Don was done with the racks, he got an idea of what to do with some of the wood scraps he had. He got some paint and nails together and helped the boys make their own wood cars. The boys loved it and were sad that they had to wait for their cars to dry before playing with them.

It was nice to have such a quiet Sunday. It was much needed by all of us!

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