Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is what we looked like this morning at about 9:30am. The boys were all laying on the bed whimpering like little puppies. Somehow in my obvious surprise that it was months after preschool started and not a cootie in sight, one snuck in.

It started Monday and has slowly and quietly made it way through the family. Nothing horrible and it was barely anything above inconvenient. But this morning all three boys wondered into my room at different times, complaining that "my tummy felt bad", "I don't feel well" and ""my tummy feels sick". They understand that if they have to "spit", it goes in a nearby bowl, not on the couch or bed or floor. Yay.

The good news is at least Lucas is feeling better, he is looking through pictures by my side as I type this out. The bad news is Don is out for the count. Sleeping on the opposite couch as Jaxon is right now, with little Wyatt by his side. Hopefully they can all pull it together for a half hour this evening so we can at least hit our street. The boys (all four of them) have been looking forward to Halloween and I know they will be disappointed to see they slept through it all.

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