Friday, November 07, 2008

Feeling better

After beating us up for the past two weeks, I think we are finally on the tail end of our sick phase. The boys have been visiting us just about every night in bed -which usually we don't mind, but every night is a bit of an over kill- and they are beginning to sleep through most of the night. No crying three or four times before 11pm is a great start. Poor babies were just sick.

One midnight run to the clinic diagnosed Luke with an ear infection. A couple days later Jax seemed to be getting one, but when Don took him and Wyatt in to our regular Dr, she said their ears looked fine, but they had a virus that had been going around. I am sure we got it from school, but hopefully since I kept them out on Wed, maybe it will help lessen the spread for the rest of the kids.

Mom and I have been sewing like mad. We got a few more patterns up of our full aprons and about 10 more cut out of our half aprons. It is a slow start up for each new batch, but it seems like we finish 15 all at the same time, so it is nice once we get past the hump.

The boys have been talking like crazy. They are picking up so many new words. Jaxon told me the other day, "I am drama drama". Yes Jax, if you only knew the half of it. Wyatt is still stuttering, but it seems like it is getting better. He is full of trouble, but grinning the whole time. I really think he is just trying to make everyone laugh when he does the things he does. Lucas is still trying to be the leader of the pack. His favorite phrase is, "I have idea!" when he is playing with his brothers. They are doing really well together, not much sibling rivalry besides the occasional fight over a car or something. Luckily the timer still is helpful when that happens, so the fights are usually short lived.

A couple weeks ago the boys were fighting over a big orange race car. For the first time I can think of, it was all three boys fighting about it. There was lots of screaming and yelling, even when we decided to set the timer. Finally I made my voice really loud and excited and said, "Wait a minute guys, I have an idea!" I took the car and put it in the trash can. "Isn't that neat? Now no one gets it and we can each go and pick out another toy to play with". And they did. No arguing, and absolutely no crying over the trashed toy. They just all got another toy and played nicely together.

I wish everything was that easy.

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