Saturday, November 29, 2008


Nana says you guys are at an age where you are learning one word per hour and boy, do I get that with you. You are a bit more advanced than your brothers with your vocabulary. You know all the jingles on the radio, you love to sing songs and you seem to retain so much information. Which can be both a good and bad thing...

Driving to Nana's house the other day I was trying to keep you and your brothers awake in the back car. I started by saying "I love..." and filling the blank with people we know, letting you all pitch in with who you chose to add. Once I said I love Daddy and you stopped me and told me, "No Mommy you love Pwusee". Obviously it sounded like a vulgar word and your Dad and I looked at each other with our eyes all huge, not having a clue of what you were saying. Asking you to repeat what you were saying was impossible without laughing at the way you were pronouncing whatever it was you were trying to say.

Finally one of you said the name Thomas and it all made sense. You have been watching Thomas the Train movies at Nana's house the past few days and even though you have only seen them a handful of times, one train in particular made and impact on you enough that you thought your Mommy should love him. Percy.


Every night I help you guys in to your pajamas while Daddy helps brush your teeth. You come running out of the bathroom to show me your teeth and I ALWAYS tell you they look beautiful. Well, there is a song by James Blunt called Beautiful. Me telling you your teeth look beautiful has morphed into the tune in the song. In your little voice you sing "you're b-eaut-i-ful" so proudly.

The other day when Daddy was hanging the Christmas lights outside, he had gotten a particularly difficult line hung. When he finished, he yelled out "beautiful!". You responded, "Yeah, I AM!".

Yes little buddy, you certainly are.


But not all things you say or repeat are as much of an "awww moment" as the above. First remember that Mommy is human. I say things when my cool is out the door, which is apparently more than I realized.

You ran into my room yesterday morning looking for your Lightning car. You look for him every morning, so it wasn't such a big deal. But the way you said you were looking for him is what caught my attention.

you: "Where's my Lightning car? My FREAKIN Lightning?"
me: "What did you say? What are you looking for?"
you: "freaking freaking Lighting, where is he?"

Then I gave you a little talk about how that was really was not a nice thing to say.

A couple hours later, we had just gotten done eating lunch. After you eat, you love to cuddle. Today you crawled out of your seat, lazily walked towards me with your fully belly eyes and said, "Mommy, let's freakin' cuddle."


Only you, Jaxon. You certainly make me smile.


Cathy said...

I am still dying over the "freaking". That's not as bad as one that has been repeated over here. Jaxon cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

I love it. I needed a good laugh and I got one with this! I miss you guys so much and it made me realize it when I saw your great Family picture on your blog from Thanksgiving. I HOPE to get my fanny out there this spring and spend time with all of you! Please give everyone a big hug and kiss from me including Lei and tell her I love her and miss her too!!