Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

The other day we took a trip to the local pumpkin patch. Out here in Vegas there is only one place that you can actually pick your pumpkins straight from the earths soil, and that is too far for us to drive. For everyone else, there are "pumpkin patches" on just about every major intersection in town. They have big tents with thousands of pumpkins, inflatable jumpers and even small carnival rides.

When we pulled into the parking lot, the kids were really excited. Lucas -who is usually the quiet reserved child- let out an uncharacteristic "yee haw!" like a cowboy whoop. Jax exclaimed, "we love this place!". I had no idea that they would even remember it.

After sliding down the giant bounce slide and going in circles on the little car ride, we took the boys over to the petting zoo. They had a goats, sheep, chickens (which Wyatt loved to chase) and even a pony. The boys were not too impressed for the most part and Jax and Luke got out of the little pen after no more than 3 minutes. Wyatt on the other hand was quite the animal lover. He ever got right up to the chicken and pet them really gently. I was really impressed that he would be so gentle to the same creatures he was terrorizing just a few minutes before.

Grandma and Poppa said they would treat each the boys to a pumpkin and so the boys went to go pick out their pumpkins. Unfortunately by then, the high 80's weather had gotten the best of them and they took about 5 seconds to lean down and pick one up their half pound choices before they declared they wanted to go home.

Hopefully we can try again later this week in the evening. The weather forecast says it should hit the 70's once the sun goes down. :)

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