Sunday, October 26, 2008

Multiples DO run in our family!

Ever since we were pregnant and people would learn we were expecting triplets they would ask if multiples run in our family. What they were really asking is if we used fertility medicine or methods to get pregnant, but this is the kinder way of inquiring. Don would love to answer and tell people he was an identical twin. It would throw people off, but Don would just go on and on about him and Jeremy, not caring that the person really wanted to chat about the babies instead.

Don and Jeremy are the real deal. They are closer to each other in most ways than they are even to Heather and myself. They talk on the phone several times a day and even claim to have the twin to twin telepathy sometimes. "Oh, my arm is killing me, I have to call and see if Jeremy hit his today". Yes, an exaggeration, but not much of one. There were many times that we would rent movies and find out Heather and Jeremy had just rented the same ones earlier in the evening.

So when Jeremy came in to town this past week, it was much to be excited about. The boys loved having "One daddy, two daddy" (as Wyatt would say) around -twice as much fun! It was a visit for a somber reason -Don's Grandma LaVerne passed away- and they took a quick trip to California for the funeral. I am glad they got a chance to be alone for their road trip, although hopefully next time Jeremy comes out, his entire family can join him.


loren said...

That's so funny! One daddy, two daddy, lol. Just what I'd need... another one of MIKE!!!

Anonymous said...

Please give Don our sympathies about his Grandmother. I am glad he and his brother had a change to spend time together!
I can't imagine having a twin and getting the mental telepathy thing, sounds cool!
Miss you!