Monday, February 16, 2009

I give him a TEN!

Don and I have had some house guests the past few days. My cousin Jenn and her daughter Grace have been camping out in our guest room and the boys are loving having a cousin their age around! If Grace is not within eye site, they will stop what they are doing and ask us where "Grazy" is. The first time I heard them ask, it sounded like "you crazy?" instead of "Where Grazy?"

Today Jenn was on the couch occupying all four kids. I grabbed the camera to make sure I got a picture. After I took the picture, I went over to investigate what they were up to.

I couldn't believe what Wyatt was doing.

This past month Wyatt has gone through many changes. First and foremost, he has gained 5 pounds! Since his tonsils came out, he is an eating machine! It is so good to see some skin on his body! Second, he has gone from having the smallest vocabulary to keeping up and possibly surpassing his brothers in talking. And last, he has taken a big interest in drawing. He has always loved to color, but drawing has his attention now. His monster the other day was the start of it. Today, Wyatt took it to a new level in freehand drawing the number 10!

It is unbelievable how much his development has come in leaps and bounds since his tonsils came out (6 weeks). In speech, language, and now writing! I can't help but wonder if all this food he is eating is helping his brain absorb and process information better. Whatever the reason, it is amazing to see him come so far, so fast!


Lori said...

My son suffered with chronic tonisilitis when he was 3. We had the tonsils out and he grew 3 sizes the next year! He also wasn't sick, other than a couple of minor colds, for 4 years following. He is 18 now and has only been on antibiotics a handful of times. I wish the same for your son.

laraine said...

I'm so glad to hear the Wyatt is doing so much better!. Isn't it nice to see them eating and gaining weight. We just went through the same thing with Brian. We took him off the ADHD meds and he has gained almost 10 pounds since Christmas. I can't tell you how much he NEEDED that extra weight.

I bet Wyatt is sleeping a lot better now also. That probably has a lot to do with his improvement as well. His little body is building all those heathly brain cells while he's sleeping.

Laura said...

Thanks for your well wishes Lori!

Laraine- 10 lbs! I bet you are bowled over by that! And I think you are spot on about the sleeping being a direct correlation re improving all his skills. Makes perfect sense!