Thursday, February 05, 2009

Imagination Station

Wyatt with his first monster picture and his face showing the scariness it all.

Today the boys started doing new things. Boy things.

Where do they learn these boy things? I know their Dad is of course a huge fixture in their life, but I also know Don doesn't draw monsters or run around with a blanket -uh I mean cape around his neck.

Or does he?

And why does being a boy have to include making these faces?


laraine said...

Laura - I laughed so hard. I say the same things all the time. WHERE DO THEY LEARN THIS STUFF????.

My boys did the same thing with the blankets. I used the snack bag clips to hold the blanket together in the front - they were instantly transformed into superheros!!.

Laura said...


Anonymous said...

That is a great idea, don't tell Joey but I used my hair claw clips to hold his blanket around him. Joey has SuperMan PJ's that have a velcro cape, Target, definately look into those. Too cute!

loren said...

I often wonder the same thing when Alison talks to herself in the mirror like a little primadonna! LOL (Maybe she's getting it from her Aunt Stephie...)

Anonymous said...

They don't learn those things. They are born boys. Monster faces and super hero capes are part of their genetic make-up. Goes well with the ability to Burp a tune or at least on cue and find humor in farts. We don't teach them those things either. lol

Gotta love those boys!