Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There's no fun like Strep

Earlier this week, we brought Luke in to see the Dr after it became obvious his reflux was not getting better. The reflux is directly caused from the three rounds of antibiotics he went on beginning October because of an ear infection that just did not want to go away. I gave him probotics for a few weeks, but when he began waking at night because his "mouth" hurt and he cried saying "it tastes yucky", Don and I knew he should go see his Doctor.

The Doctor heard me out, looked at the funky lump on the side of his neck and checked him out. Then she did a strep test on him that -surprise! came up positive. I was amazed because other than this night time issue, we have had no other reason to worry about him. So after a big fat shot in his leg we were out the door with a prescription for prevacid.

Knowing that strep is highly contagious, early the next morning I brought Wyatt and Jaxon in to the Drs office. As I was asking if it is possible the boys could pass strep back and forth, I saw her cringe as they passed a bottle of water around after they had each taken a sip. Yeah, probably not the smartest thing for me to allow them do.

Luckily both boys tests came back negative. Wyatt is having respiratory issues and needed steroids as well as a new nebulizer medicine. Jaxon is perfect, not an issue to be spoken of. He is being a champ around the house as well. Both Luke and Wyatt have been needy in the saddest way, but Jax is being quiet and keeping himself busy.

It is so sad to see Lucas an Wyatt this sick. Neither wants to eat(Luke will if spoon fed) , but they are drinking when reminded to. They are just lying around where ever we put them, silently staying put until they cry to be held.

Hopefully we see them getting better in the next day or two.


mpannek said...

Oh Laura... I hope they get to feeling better soon. I love the first picture with the dog laid out too. Priceless!

Michele S said...

Those poor babies. Strep is so terrible and so painful. (I should know!) The good news is that the antibiotics work really, really fast and the pain goes away really, really fast and they are no longer contagious after 24 hours. So it could be worse. It could be vomiting for 2 weeks!

They'll be up and about really quick!

Laura said...

Michele, that is what I HEARD- but unfortunately, not what we are experiencing. It has been 52 hours since the shot and he is just as bad, if not worse than when we originally went in.
I am hoping he is feeling better when he wakes up in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Are the boys feeling any better? I miss you guys so much already!! How's Luke's leg doing? Is that any better?
I've been thinking of them non stop!!
Love you!