Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's up Doc?

Well after almost $200 last week in Dr co-pays and prescribed medicines, things seem to be looking up for Lucas and Wyatt. Although it took Lucas four full days to get better after he got the antibiotic shot, he and Wyatt are running around, almost as good as new -attacking Don on the couch and laughing at silly things.

Jaxon on the other hand, is coming down with the something quickly. He tells everyone who will listen that "I don't feel well" and wants me by his side constantly. Tonight we went out for a quick bite to eat and he laid in the booth the whole time, only eating one single bite of a roll.

I am thinking we should be back to normal by Monday, the kids have been asking about going to school and I am dying for a morning to breathe. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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