Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Jax stays busy

I walked into the bathroom to see Jaxon brushing his wet hair -with a can of Glade in front of him. Trying not to jump to conclusions, I glanced in both sinks to find them bone dry. Then picking up the can of Glade room freshener, and feeling the ice cold metal chill an aerosol can gets when it is used until the last drop -my nose suddenly filled with the "Fresh Linen" scent that the spray promises.

It was so hard not to laugh out loud when he conflicted between being proud of himself for brushing his hair, or worried about being in trouble for using what he must have thought was hairspray.


laraine said...

That is hysterical.

I bet he smelled nice and 'fresh' for hours!

Laura said...

Laraine, I had to take his shirt off because the freshness was too much to handle if he was within a five foot radius. :)

tess said...

at least he didn't light a flame to it?
he looks properly repentant and still a little under the weather in the pic.