Tuesday, February 10, 2009

South Paws

While watching the boys eat the other day, my mom noticed something I had not until that very moment. Lucas and Wyatt are both South paws.

To be sure I don't sound totally oblivious to which hand my children use every day while they color, eat, or race their cars- I have noticed all three of them sometimes used left, sometimes used right. But since she pointed it out,
every time I watch them now (at school and at dinner) they are favoring their left hands.

I think we have some baseball players in the midst. What do you think?


Annie said...

Looks like we've got a couple of pitchers or 1st basemen in our midst. You need to get them to Buffalo ASAP so that Eddie and my Dad can start their training!!

Laura said...

I knew this would get yur attention, Annie! Tell them we will be out sometime this summer for sure, so pencil us in :)

Anonymous said...

They can join Joey, he too is a lefty and we say the same thing, the Majors would love to have a lefty!!