Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holy Clothes Batman!

Around Christmas time I began seeing really good deals on children's clothing. After Christmas a few more poked up here and there that were too good to resist. Maybe only 4 or five times, but take that 4 or 5 times and multiply it by three children.

The hall way was being littered with a box or two from Crazy 8, and then a recent one from Children's Place was on the landing. A huge bag from Carters was stuck next to my desk. I have company coming in a couple days, so Tuesday while my mom was here, I decided it was time to tackle it.

We pulled all their "grow into clothes" out of the huge plastic container I had most of them stashed into. I have jackets and jeans, pajamas, bathing suits, and too many shirts to count -all waiting for the boys to grow into them. Most were in the big plastic container, but some were in drawers, on their closet shelves and then we still had the new clothes I wanted to add.

Our system was to organize by clothing size first, size 4's on Jax's bed, 5 and 6's on Luke's and anything larger went on Wyatt's. About 95% of the clothes we have for the boys we pay no more than $6 for. The other 5%, like jackets and a couple pairs of jeans are a necessity and not normally found under $6, but I do have a few that have been.

When everything was organized by sizes, we went through the clothes they currently wear and decided which didn't fit or shirts I just never liked to put on them for whatever reason. Now I have two huge bags of clothes to donate and sell.

Now everything is clean and organized. Hopefully seasonal clothing won't have to be tackled again for at least another year. I am thinking we should make it almost until next summer before it will need to be tackled again. Thank goodness!

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