Monday, February 23, 2009


The every day things he says
"Hey, you guys..."
"Hey, I got idea!"
"Som-fing wrong"
"shhh, I hear som-fing"

When his knee is dry and in need of lotion, he tells me, "my knee is broken"

When he knows his brothers are not being fair or truthful, he tells them, "I not playing your game"

Yesterday at church we didn't want to leave him at the church nursery because he was sick. He sat with us through the service and behaved really well. As he was getting in the car, he told me, "I really proud of you guys".

When there is too much going on and I am feeling unsettled, I need to decompress some how. Jaxon is the same way. He loves his arms to be squeezed -hard. Really hard -starting at the top of his arms and down to his fingers. He also likes his hair roughed up. He just smiles a big drunk smile and says "I love this!"

Even though I am sure there are plenty more, the last thing that comes to mind is Jaxon's constant celebration of tasks completed. His main mantra around the house is, "I did it, I did it! Yeah, yeah yeah! I did it, I did it, yeah yeah yeah!"

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Anonymous said...

He's too cute, I miss you guys so much already!!!
100 days, Grace was right, that's too long!