Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pajama Day

Today was a preschool day. I was feeling pretty good this morning- completely on top of my game. I straightened my hair, cooked french toast for the kids and had them out the door by 9:01. 9:03 is the norm time, so I was even a few minutes ahead of schedule. We were in the car -almost half way to school- talking about our friends at school when I went to remind them about Valentine's day next week.

SCHREECH! All the sudden my mind went 100 miles an hour.

Today was "Wear Your Pajamas to School" day! And they were not in their pajamas!

So in my mind I decided I would rather them be late than not be able to participate, so I whipped the car around and raced back home. Pulling up to the house, I unbuckled all three of them, raced them up stairs and barked orders for them to get undressed. Frantically I searched their room for clean pajamas (seriously, we have like FIVE sets of PJ's for them!)-only coming up with zippered feet pj's and being it felt like 70 degrees outside, that was not a good mommy choice.

I quickly jumped in their closet, pulling out their spring clothes box and found some new pajamas. Praying the new pj's would fit, I tugged them over the boys heads trying not to mess up their hair and put all six shoes back on their feet. Running out the door with their animals and blankets in hand I was thankful it felt like 70 degrees since the pajamas they were wearing had short sleeves with coordinating shorts.

The kids buckled up in their seats faster than ever before (I think they were a little frightened) and off to school we went. Going back to change clothes made us almost a full half hour late for school -but it is only preschool. No tardies or pink slips yet.

When I went to pick the kids up, the teacher was inviting the parents into the classroom. Luke was dancing under his blanket while the other two were having a good time making their little animals participate in the hokey pokey. It was a crazy morning, but much worth it.

And that's what it's all about.

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Michele S said...

Austin was fighting with Anna because she stole his monkey. What's with these girls bullies in their class!

I can't believe you forgot it was pajama day. I did that last year and sent them in sweats!