Monday, February 02, 2009

To the Library

After preschool today, I made a change in the normal plans. Instead of going straight to the playground next door, I made the executive decision to bribe the kids with going to the BIG playground after they woke up from their naps. See how I worded that? Leaves no room for discussion and if you do not nap, then how will you wake up from your nap? If you don't wake up, then we can not go. Even when they were in their 2's they understood that logic.

Why the change in after school plans? Because today while the boys were at preschool, I decided to go to Borders instead of stuffing my face with a yummy bagel and cream cheese. All sorts of books I never knew I needed were there, titles jumping out at me as I walked down the aisles. Books about knitting, raising boys, and how to get motivated to lose this weight. With only three in my hands, the total equaled way more than the People magazine I originally intended to buy. So off to the library I needed to go.

So with the library rules outlined to the boys, we headed inside. In the years since I have last looked for a book in a library, I had forgotten about the Dewey system. Not quite sure where anything other than the children's books were, I led the kids to the children's corner. Immediately ignoring all the wonderful stories surrounding them, they all gathered around the bead and wire machine.

After they were beaded out and I had my information in hand, we slowly walked over to the adult section. Asking them to sit quietly on the floor was somehow translated into "please lay in the bottom shelves of the bookshelf". But since it did keep them quiet and busy for the few minutes it took me to gather my books together, I welcomed the silence and ignored the looks people were shooting in my direction.

Now we are about 8 books richer in our house. Kids books, knitting books, weight books, and raising kids books. And in two weeks, we get to go back for more.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Reading!!!! I started reading books this past year much more than I have in the past, when the kids get past the diaper stage and waking up every few hours stage you can actually sit and read, while they play. So usually while the kids play the Wii or are doing something together (in between me refereeing!) I read. I've finished all of the Shopaholic Books, good reads, go for Confessions first then we can see the movie!
Love you!