Monday, February 09, 2009

Pull Over!

With Don out of town this past rainy weekend, I tried to keep the kids as busy as possible to prevent the issues that accompany bored boys.

The first thing on our agenda was little Reagan's birthday party. After a couple hours of jumping to their heart's content in the bounce house and eating some delicious cake, the plan was to drop Nana at her house and then go play at Cathy's house. After dropping Nana off at her house I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw the boys were nodding off a bit, so I decided to run back to our house and buy some time to let them sleep.

Almost an hour later, with less than 10 minutes to reach Cathy's house, Wyatt woke up crying. "I have to go pot-ty!". Trying to hush him so he wouldn't wake the other two only made him louder. "I have to GO POT-TY and it HURTS!".

Cursing myself for not keeping a potty chair in the back of our car for more than a month, I got off at the next exit. With his wails of woes getting louder by the second and the other two now awake and wondering what in the world was going on, I pulled over on the side of the exit ramp.

In the pouring rain, I whisked him out of the car and over to the railing side of the exit -trying to keep him as close as possible to the car so he could be sheltered from passerbys. Back in the car Lucas and Jaxon were wide eyed and completely confused, never before have we had an emergency like this one.

Every time we pass this exit now, Lucas asks "Wyatt pee peeed outside?" It's something like this, that makes me wonder if it will be their first memory.

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