Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What deese are?

"What deese are?"

This is Jaxon's newest phrase.

He asks it a few times a week- generally when there are other people around- and asks while patting on my chest.

I calmly answer him that "these" are my breasts. Then we get in the whole "You don't have a penis momma." "Nana has no penis either". "Girls don't have a penis, only boys."

Half of me just wants to shirk the question and change the subject, but I KNOW that if I do, he will know it is taboo and bring it up all the time. Maybe 5 times a day instead of once, or goodness knows- ask Nana or a teacher at school what "deese" are called as well.

How do I know you ask?

It became obvious a couple days ago he walked in my room holding a strapless bra in his hands, eyebrows lifted all the way to his hairline, but an expression I could tell he knew what he was asking. "What diss is?"

Oh yeah little buddy, I know what you are up to.


Andrea said...

Oh, dear. I love reading your blog because it prepares me for what's coming next in my life...and I am not ready for "dis" topic.

Laura said...

Andrea, I think of you often lately because the boys have been so much fun as they are talking more and role playing more. Just you wait! :)

Mindy said...

Too funny! Caden went through the boob phase a while back now he's on to poop and pee-pees! Yeah!