Sunday, April 12, 2009

That 'neaky bunny

At our house, the Easter Bunny comes at night and fills the kids Easter baskets up and hides the baskets. We aren't yet at the age where we are hiding eggs, because honestly, hiding the baskets is what the Easter Bunny did for me, and I loved it.

Last year we just placed the baskets in the kids cubby, this year we hid them where we felt was a bit more challenging for the kids. The boys ran all over looking for their baskets. In this video you can see how quickly they run from the sides of the room and into the next area to frantically search.

At this point, they are looking for the very last basket (Luke's). Jaxon declares that the Easter bunny took it, while Luke just repeats that the Easter Bunny is very 'neaky. The basket is hiding in that black cabinet right behind Luke, just above the instruments I was trying to get him to put away.

And last, the baskets have been found! Now to see what the loot is!

So what is with the videos and why don't I have any pictures? Well, it would seem I deleted them all right before dinner thinking I had already downloaded them earlier in the day. I am really bummed about it, but am satisfied to at least have the videos. Aunt Leigha and Ed came over for dinner tonight (my parents went out of town) and I am glad to have at least these pictures from Easter day.

Happy Easter!

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