Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dye it

After a busy morning at the mall complete with getting a free 8x10 at the Picture People and giving the Easter Bunny high fives, we went home to dye the Easter eggs.

With our motto of being prepared, we had the boys undress down to their skivvies. Armed with egg dye kits that expired in the year 2000(!) we got down to business. The boys loved choosing which colors to make the eggs and we gave them spoons to "bathe" the eggs with dye so they could feel like they were doing more than just watching the eggs sit.

When we were down to the last five eggs, we were feeling adventurous and got the tie-dye egg kit out. The boys chose which colors dye and even though they all chose different colors, their eggs ended up looking all the same with a pink/purple hue. Still feeling incomplete -it all had ended only 20 minutes after it began- we took out the stickers that came with one of the dye boxes. Unfortunately, being that the sticker were no less than 10 years old, the adhesive on the back didn't really work anymore. When the boys tried to press them on their eggs, their little fingers would crack right through the egg shell!

No worries though, they were edible after all! With a quick snack of a pretty boiled egg, the boys looked over their new creations with a new appreciation.


Cathy said...

Looks like they enjoyed themselves! Hope they enjoyed their Easter baskets, too!

Michele S said...

Happy Easter!!!! I can't believe you made them do naked egg coloring!!!

Thrifty Living Mom said...

Awww, looks like they had fun. We colored 48 eggs I think and then I made eggsalad. That only lasted us until Thursday, then they were gone.