Monday, April 13, 2009

Only Babies Bite

Many moons ago, we were thinking of getting a new dog. For months we went over it again and again. I was in favor of it and no one else usually was. I would try to bribe the kids into telling Don they wanted a puppy or I would not get them any more Thomas trains. It would work for about 5 minutes and then it was a forgotten subject. Wyatt especially wanted none of the puppy business -telling me that "puppies bite".

Don and I are huge dog lovers, we have had Belle since before we got married and the idea of our child saying "puppies bite" was just not right. So I told him puppies don't bite, cat's bite. Cats and babies. Yeah, they are the ones to fear.

For a couple more months I tried to get the boys to back me up with the whole getting a new dog thing, but we would have the same conversations over and over again.

Puppies bite
Puppies don't bite! Babies bite.

Finally I got Wyatt over the puppy biting thing. We took a trip to the animal shelter and found a dog named Lola. She was perfect for our family, but unfortunately didn't react well to Belle when she met her. Lola growled, her hair stood up on her neck. Not such a perfect fit after all. I deemed it meant to wait until we get back from our trip this summer, and our getting a new dog/puppy conversations have all but disappeared in the past few months.

Today I was downloading pictures from this past week on to the computer. The boys love to look through the pictures with me, so they were piled on my chair. I came across one of my brand new niece, Elise ("Da-leese" as the boys call her), I kept her picture on the screen. As I was oohing and ahhing over her, Wyatt said "aww, she so cute, but babies bite".


**looking around the room** Where do kids pick up this stuff?

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