Saturday, April 04, 2009

It'll be okay

For almost 2 weeks now, Don has been on a suspension from work, pending termination. Hopefully he can be back to work in the next week or so. I can not say much about it because it is possible people from his work read the blog, but suffice it to say he has been wrongly accused of something along the lines of having anger issues.

If it wasn't so disgusting that we are losing weeks of pay while he is of work, it would laughable.

The silver lining of this is that we have had LOTS of time to hang out. We have been to many parks, especially making use of our pass at the Springs Preserve. The boys are fully bonded with Don again, constantly trying to get him to wrestle with them when they aren't asking him to help them with putting train tracks together or something equally important to them. They have loved having him around everyday, almost as much as I have.

With all things that suck, we are hoping there is a reason to this madness that will be shown to us further down the road. To stop from going nuts obsessing, we are just trying to lay it in the Lord's hands and just keep on keeping on. It will all be okay.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. I love you both and just know that it's taken me a while to realize that things do happen for a reason and it WILL be ok. As you know, I lost my job a few days before visiting you in Feb. and the new news, if Joe will be layed off as of April 17th, when it rains it pours in our house too. Don is such a loving man and I know that the two of you will get through this, no if's, ands or buts!!!!!!
Love you all!!

Mindy said...

It's such a double edged sword with job loss . . . no pay but extra help. Been there, done that way too many times as my hubby usually gets laid off at least once a year. Enjoy your time together and I hope his job issues work out for the best!