Saturday, April 11, 2009

The new 2 picture rule

It wasn't until we were running out the door the other day that Don and I realized the camera card is missing. I don't stress too much when we lose things, whether it is $20 or my wedding ring- they always turn up.

Days have gone by (it could be a week- I have lost all sense of time between lack of school and work!) and the card still has not turned up. But we are resourceful and have found a few lying around. One is 4MB! We can take two whole pictures on it, woo hoo!

So until our camera card situation is resolved (not likely any time soon with our lack of funds), my picture taking will be reserved for important events -like the boys running around today buck n@ked except for their underwe@r around their ankles. No public pictures of that though, a bit too private for blogland to see. More of a show it to your girlfriend when you are 16 type of thing.

Today I will leave you with a phone picture of Wyatt talking to his Uncle Jeremy on Don's cell phone before the n@ked running started. I do believe his exact words at this moment were "Where's my ice cream, dude?". They have caught on that Uncle Jeremy only talks about ice cream to make life difficult for us. He better watch it though, or they will attack him like wild savages when we make it out to Virginia this summer. :)

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