Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Retirement Plan

Today Jax got sent to his room. He wasn't being especially naughty, but he was doing that annoying whine/scream he does when he is not getting his way. Use your words. Use your words. Use your words. At least 20 times a day we say it, but that annoying whine/scream had made it's way through yet again.

Don was upstairs online when I sent Jaxon to his room. Only a moment after I sent Jax up, I heard the rhythmic boom boom boom of the drums. A few minutes later I heard Jax ask if he could come out of time out -I assumed Don had tempted him out with his drum playing. Once again I heard the booming of the drums and came up to see what the two of them were up to.

It was Jaxon playing the drums (even when he was supposed to be in his room)! This is about the third time I asked him to play, so not spontaneous at all, but here is the little man playing his drums. I think he has a great rhythm.

Or am I a bit too optimistic about the possibility of having our own little Jonas Brothers?

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