Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anything Butt

The other evening Don and I were working on our 9 foot backyard, trying to cut some plants back so our little garden will get more sun. The boys hadn't had a nap and it was very evident by Jax's constant whining. After a particularly difficult five minutes of everyone arguing, I told the boys to get into the house.

Don and I stayed outside long enough to cover the grill and sandbox. When we came inside the boys were all silently kneeling in front of the couch playing with their trains on the couch cushions -all sorts of angelic looking with their blue eyes and silent mouths. I remarked on the strong contrast of the boys outside to these sweet innocent acting children. Don laughed and said as of the past half hour, they were "anything but".

Jaxon jumped at the chance to bust Don and use a potty word at the same time.

"You can't say that, that's a potty word. You can't say butt Daddy".

And instantly the angelic moment was over as the other two started laughing and all three wrestled and gigglied about butts.

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