Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sneaky Boy

Wyatt is causing some trouble over here.

The other day as I was vacuuming, he walked by me with his hands behind his back. After giving him "the look" and letting him know I will find out what he is up to, I got back to vacuuming. When I had finished, I went in to the living room to see what he was up to. He was laying on the couch, face down and his arms were under his little body. He was trying so hard to hide from me!

When I picked him up, I saw he had the huge orange handled scissors and my measuring tape -now cut in half.

Later in the day as we were loading the boys into the car, Wyatt ran past Don and I with his hands behind his back. Right away I yelled freeze and he knew he was busted. He had about 4 trains in his little hands, even though he knows we have a one toy in the car rule.

That night Don had given the kids Oreos. Wyatt took a couple in his hands and ran out of the kitchen. When Don asked him what was in his hands, Wyatt replied "trains". Little fibber!

Luckily Don is home and can help me catch Wyatt each time. I am hoping that Wyatt will realize his attempts to sneak will be thwarted by us and will stop trying before there is only one parent around to watch.

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laraine said...

We went through this with Charlie!. He's much better now but sometimes we still catch him trying to be sneaky.