Monday, April 06, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Aunt Leigha called us and invited us to the Easter Egg Hunt at her work. The catch was it started in twenty minutes! All four of us were in the car and on the road in FOUR minutes! That fact alone deserves it own blog post, but I will spare you the details :).

On the way to the egg hunt Lucas talked about seeing the Easter Bunny. Jaxon responded with, "That's pretend. You're so funny Lukey". They went back and forth a bit and I happily kept quiet since they didn't involve me in the conversation. When we got to the hunt, they walked up to the Easter Bunny to get pictures taken with him, and I could tell by the look on Jax's face he is a believer again after seeing the bunny in person.

After some cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn, the boys were sufficiently sugared up enough to race like little bunnies on crack through the egg hunt. Getting some of their sugar high out playing with their balloon swords and jumping through the bounce house obstacle course, the boys still had plenty of energy left to be excited about the egg hunt.

They whipped their eggs in their little baskets, Wyatt even grabbed the broken eggs in the quest for more, more more. After we sat for a bit letting the boys eat their goodies -unwrapping piece after piece- we decided it was time to go visit Aunt Leigha.

Visiting Leigha at work was a first for all of us. I know it had to be such a fun experience in the boys eyes. They got to sit in these huge chairs while Aunt Leigha made them special drinks with cherries inside. Lucas drank his so fast, I felt bad that he was obviously so thirsty until Don pointed out he was just trying to get to the cherry!

Soon after dinner, the boys got restless and started chasing each other around with their balloon swords -that was our cue to start packing up. With full tummies and all faith restored in the Easter Bunny again, we drove home. What a fun afternoon!

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