Tuesday, December 08, 2009

We match!

As I was making the boys lunch on Sunday, I heard them get excited as they noticed that they all had the same shirt on.

"We match! We match!"

Wearing the same shirts is not a new concept around here, they have a few shirts that are exactly the same, but they were being so good and especially lovey towards each other on Sunday. I looked over my shoulder and they were hugging about wearing the same shirts.

See? Totally hugging and exclaiming "we match" and then hugging some more.

I am not sure what had gotten into them for the few minutes here, but I will take this random hugging and being sweet to each other over the random crying and fighting any day!


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Michele S said...

What the heck? Gregory and Austin get excited too if they can find the same shirts. The girls cry IF they match. Huh?

It is so cute though! I love it.