Friday, December 25, 2009

Not quite Christmas

Christmas morning arrived with no rush and craziness like most homes. Don was working and our plan was to go back to my parents for breakfast and then to open presents there. Santa would come to our house on the night of the 25th, so Don could be there to see the kids get their presents form Santa. Luckily, the kids are too young to know details like these, not to mention I doubt they had a problem with three planned days of present opening instead of two.

Phenomenally, even though Don had to drive two hours to and from work on Christmas day, he was home by 10am! When I heard he could be home that early, the decision was made to wait for him at home instead of meeting him at my parents house. The boys were so excited to see him and after he showered, we were on our way to celebrate!

When we got to Nana and Pops house we cooked up a yummy breakfast. There was no rush to get to the presents, and the whole morning just felt so peaceful and enjoyed it at our own pace. After breakfast, we moved into the front room to pick our spots to open our gifts in.

The boys opened their gifts slowly at first, wanting to open every package that they received, fully taking it in. Their pace picked up a bit until the last gift they got that they opened like a piranha eating for the first time in days! Razor scooters, dominoes, a big pop up Thomas train, an ant farm and so much other fun stuff just got such big reactions out of them all.

For the rest of the day we watched Planet Earth movies (one of my gifts) while making dinner and playing with the boys new toys. Dinner was a yummy ham with lots of wonderful sides including my special stuffing. Our tummies and hearts were full (so full we never had pie!), and the only way we could get the kids to leave Nana and Pops after such a great day was with the promise of Santa coming to our house that very night.

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