Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today we...

We spent THREE hours at Bass Pro Shop where the boys...

-decorated cookies
-shot a plastic buck with a dart gun
-visited with Santa
-had their first can of soda (it was grape and too hard to resist!)
-played with the mermaid in the aquarium

And after all that, we showed the boys the "paw prints" in the cement walkways through out the store and tried to find -or would you say hunt- the animals.

Then Don and I went to go see CHER! We got the tickets through the program that my parents signed Don and I up for our anniversary. We had no idea where the seats would be, assuming they were way in the back (they were free seats after all!). The seats turned out to be fantastic, we were the seats closest to the stage on the stage left side and a few times were as close as only 10 feet from Cher herself!

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