Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Biker Boys

It is amazing to me that just days before Christmas I had three little 4 year old boys. And now that I see them riding their bikes and new scooters (thank you Uncle Carl!) around, they seem so much older and bigger to me!

The boys LOVE their new bikes. Morning, noon and night, they want to be outside riding around on them. Amazingly, they also love their bike gear of helmets, knee pads and elbow pads. Between the three of them, I can not count how many spills were saved by their elbow or knee pads. On only the second day of riding around on their bikes, Wyatt fell off his bike and I am pretty certain I saw him flip upside down like a somersault as he fell. The back of his head banged into the curbside, so I am glad we decided to go with the helmets after all. It seemed like overkill in the beginning (and was quite the expense when multiplying it by three) but well worth it. We also purchased some orange traffic cones that we put out while the boys ride. The boys love to ride down the driveway, so it helps to give the boys boundaries of where to stop as well as let the neighbors know there are little ones around.

Wyatt is about one inch shorter than the others, but the difference really seems to hinder him on his bike. He seems to have the hardest time getting his weight behind the pedals when he starts to ride. Once he starts though, he is on a roll and stays steady. But when he does fall, he loves to point out that his safety gear stopped him from getting hurt.

Lucas is our pit crew man. Whenever he sees one of his brothers needing help -whether they fell off their bikes, or got stuck- he jumps off his own bike and quickly runs to the rescue. After a quick push or lift up, he runs back to his own bike and rides off. He also seems to be set "free" while riding. He likes to start races and games of chase while on the bikes. His playful side really seems to shine while he rides around.

Jaxon also has really taken to the riding down the driveway. He tests his limits, driving very close to Don on one occasion and constantly giving his brothers a close call with his near drive bys. We are unsure if he is being daring or just happens to be the close so often, but we are glad there haven't been any crashes yet.

All the sudden they seem so big! It is crazy that just putting them on bikes can add so much to their age!

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