Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Baby

After waiting outside Santa's house for about a half hour, you can see the boys excitedly looking in, knowing their turn was next.

The boys couldn't wait to tell Santa what they wanted. All three were Thomas the Train related.

Wyatt told him he wanted, "ice cweam Thomas and the ice cweam truck"

Jaxon said, "pinchy toes and the breaks and the chugas"

Lucas requested "Lady with the chugas and the breaks"

This year has been lots of fun. They get how exciting Christmas is and still are at an age where ONE present from Santa is enough to keep them happy. They love all the Christmas lights and with so many deaths this past year in both our families, (as well as losing two family dogs) we have talked a lot about heaven and they really grasp the concept of baby Jesus' birthday. Well, as much as a four year old can, anyhow.

This holiday season seems to be one of much happiness!

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