Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This year the subject of writing Santa a letter started coming up in late October. I am not sure how they even fathomed the idea of lists, but they had their list of what they wanted. The subject of asking Santa for toys came up on just about every long car ride. Since the list included about 20 Thomas trains, we decided our rule would be they could ask Santa for ONE present each.

Each boy picked one train (which we knew would happen) and Don and I decided it would be great for Santa to get them a bike as well. Unfortunately, any time we brought up the subject of asking Santa for a bike, they boys objected to it, saying that they wanted to ask Santa for a train. They are single track minded boys, so we just went with it and hoped they would be happy about the bikes (and trains of course) on Christmas morning.

First thing on our Christmas morning, I heard Jaxon's feet running in the hall. He ran up to our bed and excitedly whispered, "Daddy, Daddy! I looked downstairs and I see BIKES! Santa brought us bikes!". We woke up and got excited with him, but told him he would have to sit tight until his brothers were awake and we could all go downstairs together. Luckily they woke up soon after and we all got ready to go see what Santa had left them.

They were thrilled to see not only did Santa bring the bikes, but he also packed their trains in their stockings! The boys were so excited and ready to call it a day at that! We reminded them that there were more presents waiting for them, including one special present for each boy. This would be the first time we ever gave one child a toy to be their toy only -for them to decide about sharing it. Jaxon got a punching bag, Lucas got a Thomas the train laptop, and Wyatt got Diego's Rescue Pack.

It was a fun morning followed by a trip to Einstein Bagels and a day of bike riding. A very Merry Christmas indeed.

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