Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A new Santa in town

After last Christmas, we went to Target with hopes of finding a bargain on Christmas decorations. Don was thrilled when he spotted a lone Santa suit for under $15. We got home, put it in the garage and forgot about it until this year rolled around. When he found it the other day, he tried it on to see what it entailed. The kids were downstairs, so I took this picture of him. Once Don was in his normal clothes again, we called the boys up and told them Santa was in our house checking to see who was being nice and, "Look! I got a picture of him as he snuck out of sight!"

The boys all gasped when they heard and saw that Santa had been checking on them. When I emailed the picture to some of my friends, it was decided that Don would dress up that night at their Christmas open house. There would be a ton of kids there (even a few triplet families together make many kids to play with), so it would be a perfect addition to the night.

That night at Joselle and Drew house, Don put on his Santa suit (and makeup eyebrows) and passed out candy canes to the kids at the party. Right away Lucas asked me quietly, "is that Daddy?" but seemed to be the only one of our boys who knew. When we went to take the group picture, Luke was hesitant to get in the picture with all his friends and Santa. I had to bribe him and say the picture was needed so Santa would know who was on the nice list, and then he jumped right in. Anything for Santa!

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