Thursday, May 07, 2009

When the world is against you

A couple weeks ago, Don and I were having a hard time with things. WE as a couple were fine, but his work situation was so bad that we were afraid to utter the question "what else could go wrong".

In our faith, we knew we were in good hands, but the rest of the world seemed to be conspiring against us. After a frustrating day of finding out Don had to take anger management classes and also learning he couldn't go to work for an additional 30 days after he had already been off of work for 2 weeks we drove home from my moms house- where we had been the past 8 hours.

As we pulled up to our street, something seemed off. What is that I see? Our front door was wide open. Crap.

Don took Belle out of the car and walked up to the house with her. First thing he noticed was that our bright purple house key chain was hanging from the lock. After his walk through and seeing our camera was still on the table directly next to the door and our tv and other valuables were intact, he gave us the go ahead to come in the house.

When we leave the house who ever grabs the car keys leaves the house key in the house door. Then the last adult out locks the door and brings the key to the car. Apparently we both assumed the other locked and closed up.

We had left our house for about 8-10 hours with the door open and key inside the lock.

We live in a corner house.

So at the very least of it we realized that if the world was indeed against us, our home would have been robbed. With that realization came the conclusion that we knew that Don's work situation was just a load of bad luck -but from that moment forward, the next month could get only as good as we let our outlook on it be.


laraine said...

Oh my goodness - I'm so glad no one bothered your house!.

We had something similar happen to us last summer. My mom came over and then we all went out somewhere. We left through the garage. When we came home our front door was open about 1/2 way. Neither of the dogs left the house but rather were sitting right inside the door (amazing - they typically take off if the door is open). Apparently, when my Mom came in I never shut the door tightly or locked it. The wind must have blown it open. We were gone for like 6 hours!. Someone was also watching over us that day.

Laura said...

Isn't that an amazing feeling of how blessed you were not to be victimized? A huge relief! i am glad everything worked out for you as well!

Anonymous said...

A few days before Easter, Joe and I left to drop the kids off at school, it was their Easter parties so we had hands full of snacks and all kinds of things and walked out of the house, we took the kids to school, their snacks, went to visit a friend at her job to pick something up, stopped at Walmart and went to breakfast. We arrived home after stopping at yet another store and it was after lunch time, our door was WIDE open. We never shut it, I think I was the last out of the house, it was raining and I didn't have any hands. We have an alarm and I didn't turn that on either. I was scared out of my witts when we had to walk in the house, once I saw the TV was still there and it wasn't any messier than we left it I was relieved but wondered where our heads were before we left.