Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4th Birthday Party

Last weekend we had the boys birthday party. In the past we have had big parties with family and lots of friends, but this year we just had a small family bbq. With only the boys and little Reagan, we really had lots of time to catch up with family that we don't see as often as we should.

The boys loved seeing Reagan at their house and would not leave her side. They swung on the tire swing and jumped in the jump hose until we called them out for dinner and cake. We sang happy birthday to each boy individually and they loved it this way! I could tell they felt special having everyone say their name in the song and they smiled so big when it was their turn.

All the presents were a hit! They got an awesome ESPN tee ball stand, water guns, watches, Thomas the train goodies, sandals, fishing poles, easels, marshmallow roasters and leapsters.

When the boys finished opening their presents, Pops and Uncle Ray started a little water fight with the new water toys. Somehow a water fight has been my fondest memory of lots of bbqs my family had as we were growing up -so even though it made a bit of a mess inside and outside of the house -I was thrilled that the boys got to feel the excitement of a water gun fight.

After worrying that we wouldn't have enough kids there for the kids party, I am so glad we kept it simple this year. I think we all had such a fun time!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem possiable it's been 4 years!!!! You guys have had a rough season, hopefully it's over! Bless you all and I check in (on the blog) at least once a week! Tami C.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the boys are 4! Time really does fly by. I still remember being there to see them not blow out the candles on their 1st birthday poor babies. And how small Grace and Joey were too. We have such great memories!!!!
Love you tons and can't wait to see you!!!