Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This year Disney is running a promotion for free admittance on your birthday. That is like a jackpot with triplets, so we decided we would be heading for Disneyland for the boys birthday. After getting (hopefully) a deal on priceline and making reservations for Goofy's kitchen, we waited for the day to roll around. As soon as Don got off work on Thursday, we headed out the door for California!

The boys were really excited about the trip, they have been talking about going to see Mickey Mouse for well over a month and just couldn't wait for "May twenty-two".

After we made the four hours drive and took our first turn off the freeway, a mini van at stopped at the light with us yelled out their window asking about if we had triplets. But when we went to answer, the woman in the passengers side yelled out because she knew us from our group of MOMs here in Vegas! Funny how you go four hours away and get to see people you rarely have a chance to see locally!

The hotel was a beautiful surprise. Paying only $50 a night through priceline had us expecting the worse, but we were really pleasantly surprised to say the least. We all quickly went to bed in preparation for the busy next day.

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